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    Add a Social Media Service

    JammText Allows Your Guest to Post Their Selfies and Group Pictures on to our HD Displays



We can do some pretty cool things with our HD Displays. Our DJs mix music videos, play slideshows and offer our new service called JammText. JammText allows your guests to send Selfies, Instagram and Tweets to our HD displays screens.  Your guests do this by texting a phone number displayed on the screen. All of the pictures must be approved prior to being shown on the screens. As an added BONUS we give YOU the thumb drive with all of the pictures at the end of the night.


You keep the Thumbdrive, so you will never forget the Night

HD Displays

Picture yourself, after the event, sitting down at your computer with all the pictures that your guest personally took. All the funny selfies and group photos that your Wedding Photographer missed. With this add-on service, you will capture all those intimate photos.

Take a look at this amazing example of our past Clients JammText Pictures. ___________________________________________________